Designing a garden with lighting

A lighting plan in 5 steps

The lighting plan

All well illuminated gardens are based on an effective design. Although this sounds complicated, things are easier than they first appear. The video shows how you can compile a lighting plan in just 5 steps. It is a simple way to make sure the end result meets your expectations. And once you have a lighting plan, it is easy to determine where the infrastructure will be placed. 

Garden in the evening
When creating a lighting plan, consider which elements in the garden should be visible in the evening; what kind of light you need for this and from which direction the light must be shining. Finally, try to find suitable fixtures and check if your lighting plan has an effective lighting balance. A 3D visualization has been used to give you an effective insight into the results of your lighting plan.

Versatile range
The in-lite range makes it possible to illuminate the whole garden: from decorative lighting for paths or patios, to effective lighting for large trees. All our outdoor lights come with an explanation about suitable uses and step-by-step fitting instructions.

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