Installing in-lite in 5 steps

Connecting the Easy-Lock & mini-connector

The Easy-Lock

The Easy-Lock makes it easy to connect fixtures to the 12 volt cable. The Easy-Lock is an important part of our system. Effective contact with the cable guarantees effective conduction of power and thus perfect light output.

Clamp the cable in the appropriate duct
Our Easy-Lock is perfectly compatible with the 12 volt cable and a special gel protects the connection against moisture and other external influences. Always clamp the cable into the appropriate duct: the narrow opening is for the 14/2 cable and the new 10/2 cable, while the wider opening is for the thicker 10/2 cable. Always check whether the cap has been properly placed on the Easy-Lock. 

Ensure the Easy-Lock remains accessible
Incorporate the Easy-Lock so you can always access it easily later down the line. If you are going to use Ø60 mm ground spots, bear in mind that the Easy-Lock should be placed immediately underneath the drilled hole. The Easy-Lock does not fit into the hole drilled for 22 mm ground spots, so it is best to work with extension cables. In this case, connect the Easy-Lock to an easy-to-access main cable. This will help to avoid unexpected problems in the future.

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