Installing in-lite in 5 steps

Connecting a 22 mm ground spot

The fixture

The last step in the installation process involves placing the fixtures in the correct place. in-lite can offer you ground spots (Integrated), upright lamps (Solitary), wall lights (Wall) and outdoor spotlights (Spot). When constructing our fixtures, the external conditions encountered in gardens are taken into account wherever possible. The videos show you exactly how to install fixtures from our various product groups. Always follow the instructions when connecting fixtures.

Drilling holes for integrated lighting
You must first drill a hole if you want to integrate round ground spots. Because this is relatively easy, you can use just a few tools to drill your own holes in wood, concrete, natural stone as well as ceramics. This will save you time and money when working on a job. You should use a wood bit when drilling into wood, while a water-cooled diamond-tipped bit should be used to drill concrete, natural stone and ceramics. We recommend using a tripod for holes with a diameter of 60 and 100 mm.

Integrate lighting without drilling
If you prefer not to drill holes, then we can also offer a special box which allows you to easily integrate several of our ground spots into paved areas or loose surfaces like gravel.

Installing wall lights
Always use an extension cable if you are installing fixtures at a height. A double-panel fence is ideal for neatly concealing extension cables. If you do not have one or cannot conceal the cable around the back of the fence, then place the fixture on e.g. a pole and guide the cable along it until it reaches the ground. If you prefer to place the fixture on the fence, you could first guide the cable to the top of the fence panel; horizontally to the pole and then vertically to the ground along the pole. If the fence panels are vertical, you could lead the cable along the vertical joints.

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